Who We Are

Supplying the Very Best

Bia Ganbreise Teo comprises a small team of baking experts who strive to produce quality products for the retail and catering markets.

A BRC AA Grade operation, Bia Ganbreise Teo's site is dedicated gluten-free and its products carry that assurance.

Based in West Cork, Ireland. We manufacture Biscuits, Cereals, Flour Mixes, Cookie Dough and Granolas. We produce our own branded products - Gookies (Gold Star Awarded Gluten Free Cookie Dough), Bia's brownies and also contract manufacture for large national and international distributors and supermarket chains. We are also open to new line developments. 

Our range is easily modified to suit customer requirements without losing quality. Many of the products are handmade, giving an artisanal touch to the brand, while we are also capable of handling volume production in many bakery categories.

The team is professional and customer service is an essential component of the Bia Ganbreise Teo ethos. 

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